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Sujok Acupuncture & Acupressure

Sujok Can Cure Diseases Like....

* Migraine
* Asthama
* Artery Blockage
* Gastric Problems
* Acidity
* Constipation
* Diabetes
* Sinusitis

* Obesity
* Menstrual Problems
* Blood Pressure (H/L)
* Slip Desk
* Cervical
* Arthritis
* All Psychosomatic Problems ( Mind & Body)

Sujok Association Of India.

Sujok Acupuncture & Acupressure , a Korean therapy cures diseases by stimulation of the hands and the feet with a combined use of accupuncture and accupressure aids. In Korean "Su" mean hands and "Jok" means feet.

Endowed with an exquisite remote control function, Our hands and feet can cure diseases throughout whole body.

Sujok techniques can be acquired for self use or proffessional practice.The aim of sujok academy is to make one sojok doctor in each family of the planet earth.

The treatment is carried out using Micro needles, micro magnetics,Micro & Mini Moxa,Rollers, Ring massagers , Inserters, Seeds andother natural materials.

Sujok is like a tree with so many branches like :- Accupuncture, Accupressure, Seed Therapy, Colour Therapy, Moxa (Herb) Therapy, magnet Therapy , Needle Less Acupuncture etc.

Empower YourSelf With Good Health

Learn and Practise Sujok for you and your Family.

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